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Farming Chiffon Cloth

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Best place several of us have found so far is Stormhold in southeastern Morban right next to Steppes. Place is crawling with humanoid mobs that frequently drop chiffon.
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Event Guide
Here are a few other locations for farming stuff:

Truehide: Ashora - Near Ajuros (nexus area) around the pond where the tower is there are terror maws that drop truehide and are on a very fast respawn. This is my secret farm spot. Unfortunately, it is also a very farmed spot for everyone else.

Empyrean Silk: Steppes of Infinity near the two fortresses to the south (where the defense event happens) there are tons of mobs there, you can do a loop using the porters .

Karthite: Ardent Domain - Witches Pond but really anywhere in this zone.
Posted Jan 15, 13
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